Server-Admins | General Guide

If you are the owner of a server you can add it and then add farms, farm managers and farm workers. It will be public for all the players who want to join to work.

1. Go to the Servers section and add a new server clicking on the Add server button

2. Fill in the required information

  • Server Name: Your team/server game name
  • Description: Write a description of your server. This will be visible in the server dashboard to all registered users.
  • Web Stats SDK (Link XML): You can find it on the administration page of your server (Your dedicated server administration page: Settings --> Miscellaneous --> Link XML)
  • Game password: Your server password. Will only be visible to farm members
  • Farm limits image: If your server is multi-farm add an image with the fields that belong to each farm

3. Once the information is saved the server will be added to the list and by clicking on it we can access other settings.

4. Go to the Farms tab and create at least one farm. 

  • Farm name: Write your farm name
  • Description: Write a note / description of your farm. Will only be visible to members you add to the farm
  • Farm password: Enter the farm password. Password will only be visible to added farm members

5. [OPTIONAL] In the Server admins tab you can add the server administrators.

Admins Permissions [On all server farms]:

  • Edit server information
  • Manage Server Administrators

Create, Edit and Delete Farms

  • Add and Delete Farm Managers
  • Add and Delete Farm Members
  • Manage Farm Tasks
  • Pause or Resume Farm Member join requests

Owner Permissions [On all server farms]:

  • All of the above mentioned plus delete server

6. Go to the Farms section on the left side panel and click on the farm that you have created previously

7. You must add a farm manager by clicking on the Add Manager button. 

If you are the owner / administrator of the server and you are also going to be the manager of a farm, you must add yourself as manager to appear as a contact for member join requests.

If you do not add any manager, in the server preview it will appear as not assigned and interested users can send a request for the position.

Farm Managers Permissions:

  • Create or Delete Farm Tasks
  • Add Farm Members
  • Edit Farm Information
  • Pause or Resume member join requests

Read the farm managers guide for more information: Click here

Farm Members Permissions:

  • Assign themselves tasks
  • Change Tasks Status (To do, In progress, Done)
  • View farm information
  • Comment

Read the farm members guide for more information: Click Here