Farm-Members | General Guide

1. Go to the home page ( and select the server where you want to join. Click on the Join button and you will be redirected to the server information.

2. Click on the send message button and send a message to the farm manager. Please provide some information about you: Why would you like to join... If you provide a lot of information more possibilities you will have to be accepted.

3. Once the manager accepts you, you can go to the Farms page and see farm information (server password, etc ...)

4. You can start working now! Go to the page Tasks tab, choose a task, click on the title and edit it

5. In the "Assign To" field, look for your username. Optionally you can add the collaborators that will help you with the task. Change the status to "In progress".

6. Now you can enter the server to perform the task.

7. Click on the checkbox to mark the task as done!

You can also add comments to the task, or leave it as "In progress" if you have not completed it (as seen in step 5).